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Aoshima Cinqmale


〒889-2164 7408 Oriuzako, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

・Miyazaki Airport = about 20 minutes by car
・Miyazaki IC = about 20 minutes by car
・Downtown Miyazaki City = approximately 30 minutes by car
・Nichinan City = about 40 minutes by car
・Takachiho = about 3 and a half hours by car(Approximately 2 and a half hours using expressway)

Telephone number



*The above phone number is for customer use only.(Reservations/Inquiries)

【For hotel guests only】
If you come by public transportation, there is a free shuttle service around Aoshima 🚙
We will pick you up free of charge from JR Nichinan Line"Aoshima Station" or Miyazaki Kotsu"Aoshima Bus Stop".
■Shuttle service available from 8:30 to 18:30
■Please contact us for details as it depends on the driver's situation
■We can also respond on the same day (please be sure to call us for same-day requests).(Email contact on the day is not possible)

how to access

  • Access

    ◇how to access(When coming from Downtown Miyazaki City)
    About 20 minutes by car from Miyazaki IC, take National Route 220 southward to Prefectural Route 377
    Turn left at the traffic light "Shirahama Swimming Beach entrance"
    *Expressway:From Kyushu Expressway Ebino JCT to Miyazaki Expressway(To Miyazaki)

    ◇how to access(When coming from Nichinan area)
    Go north on National Route 220 to Prefectural Route 377
    Turn right at the traffic light "Shirahama Swimming Beach entrance"

    Approximately 100 cars (all day free) No advance reservation/Please use an empty parking lot
    *Large buses can also be parked(Please let us know in advance if you can come to the hotel other than by private car.)
    *If you are visiting with multiple motorcycles such as touring, please call us in advance to secure a parking lot.(Underground parking available)
  • For customers coming by car(From Miyazaki)

    ① Miyazaki IC
     Please go south on National Route 220(About 10km)

    ②"Shirahama / Aoshima / KODOMO NO KUNI" signage
     Follow the signs and follow the road to Prefectural Route 377 for 5km.

    ③ There is a convenience store "7-Eleven" on your left.
     Go straight from 7-Eleven until the 3rd 7-Eleven light

    ④ Turn left at the traffic light "Shirahama Swimming Beach entrance" and follow the road.

    ⑤Please turn left at Shirahama Auto Campsite (Y-shaped fork in the road).

    ⑥Follow the road along the coast, and you will find Aoshima Cinqmale at the far end.
  • Parking information

    All parking lots are free all day *We do not allow anyone other than our hotel guests to park.*
    No reservation required / Please use an empty parking lot

    ◇Parking number(including underground):about 100
    ◇Underground parking lot:about 25
     *Vehicle height limit 2.4m
     *Stairs only from basement to front desk(We do not have an elevator.)
     *Please use the roundabout in front of the entrance for loading and unloading luggage and for those who have trouble walking.

    【For customers and travel agencies who will be visiting us by car other than their own car】
    If you are coming to the hotel in a vehicle that is larger than your own car (such as a bus), please let us know the following by the day before your arrival.
     ① Body size(Large buses, medium-sized buses, buses, etc.)
     ②Arrival time
     ③ Departure time the next morning

    If you are visiting with multiple motorcycles such as touring, you can secure an underground parking lot.
    (Please call us in advance by the day before your arrival)
  • Passengers traveling by plane