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Hotel Facilities

Inside map of this facility

Click on the image to view it larger.(Printable) Please refer.
  • Banquet Hall(Shiosai-no-ma the 1st floor)

    This is the largest banquet hall.(Seats with chairs and tables as shown in the photo.)
    A large hall with a stage and a view of the ocean.
    It can accommodate up to 100 people.

    Size:218 square meters
    scenery:Sea View
    Facilities:Stage, CD deck, microphone

    *Equipment usage fee
    karaoke:6,600 yen(Unlimited singing)
    Microphone/CD deck:Free

    *This is a venue that can be partitioned off with partitions.
    When partitioned, approximately 56 people can be seated on the stage side and 8 to 10 people can be seated at the rear.
    (Please note that the number of people accommodated varies depending on the cooking course.)

    Opening Hours

    From 17:30 to 20:30(Dinner only)

    For your reference

    The venue is approximately 18m x 10m.
  • Meeting room ABC(3rd floor)

    maximum capacity
    ① Approximately 130 people without tables and only chairs
    ②When 1 table seats 2 people: 2 people x 3 rows x 12 columns = 72 people
    ③When 1 table seats 3 people: 3 people x 3 rows x 12 columns = 108 people
    (The photo shows ②2 seats/can accommodate up to 12 vertical rows.)

    Table size 180cm x 60cm


    Within 4 hours... 42,000 yen(Tax included)/all day... 70,000 yen(Tax included)


    Divided into 3 parts A, B, and C with partitions, you can use the size of your choice.
    Charges vary depending on the time and place of use.

    【A】【C】Maximum capacity 24 people 〈For 3 people per table〉
     Within 4 hours... 12,000 yen(Tax included)/all day... 20,000 Yen(Tax included)

    【B】Maximum capacity 30 people 〈For 3 people per table〉
     Within 4 hours... 18,000 yen(Tax included)/all day... 30,000 yen(Tax included)
  • ▼conference room equipment

    ・screen 4,400 yen *Size:Height 120cm x Width 160cm
    ・Projector 6,600 yen
    ・Banner 5,500 JPY *Print your desired text on large paper
    ・Lectern free
    ・whiteboard free(2 units)
    ・microphone Free(1 to 4 pieces)*The number is limited depending on the situation.
    ・DVD deck free
  • Snack Marine(1st floor)

    The after-party will be at Snack Marine!

    <Set fee> 1 person 90 minutes 3,000 yen(Tax included)
    ■1 glass of beer or 1 glass of chuhai
    ■All-you-can-drink shochu and soft drinks
    ■Karaoke free
    ■with dry goods

    <Number of seats>
    Maximum of approximately 35 to 45 people(Approximate number of people)
    ・Front room: 8 to 10 people on the sofa + 7 people on chairs = about 15 to 17 people
    ・Back room: 15 to 20 people on sofa + 7 chairs = approximately 22 to 27 people

    Opening Hours

    From 19:00 to 24:00

    Irregular holidays

    I have about two days off a week.
    *Due to irregular holidays, please contact us in advance if you wish.
    *If you plan on using the service, please make a reservation in advance.
  • ▼Price list

    <For those who don't drink much alcohol, there is also a single item menu.(Tax included)>
    ・Table charge 550 yen
    ・Bottled beer ¥770
    ・Shochu (180ml) ¥450
    ・Whiskey (S) 600 yen
    ・Lemon soju high 550 yen
    ・Soft drink 350 yen(orange cola oolong tea)
    ・Karaoke 1 song 220 yen
  • In-hotel shop(1st floor)

    <Handling>Souvenirs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

    Speaking of Aoshima, "Aoshima Senbei Crackers" is a popular product that has been a staple souvenir since ancient times.
    Local cuisine of Miyazaki"Hiyajiru",Keizairen direct sales"Miyazaki Beef Curry",
    Speaking of Miyazaki, retort-packed products such as the famous "Charcoal-grilled Jidori" are also popular!
    Miyazaki Shochu such as “Kirishima” and “Kobiki”, “Unkai wine” and “Tsuno Wine” etc.
    We also have a wide selection of alcoholic drinks.

    *Please note that items purchased from the shop cannot be brought into the dining venue.

    Opening Hours

    7:00 to 20:00(Closed at around 18:00 at the end of every month for inventory.)


    Courier shipping accepted(Yamato Transport)
  • lounge ocean(1st floor)

    At the back of the lobby on the first floor is a lounge with a sea view.
    This is a spacious space with a panoramic view of the ocean.
    Currently, we are exhibiting pressed flower art.Please feel free to take a look.

    *Please refrain from eating or drinking in the lounge or lobby.