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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About check-in / check-out

    Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is from 10:00.

    《Early check-in・Late check out》
    Please contact us in advance as it depends on the reseContinue reading
  • About the room

    The room types are as follows.
    ◆Japanese-style room 18sqm (25 rooms)
    ◆Japanese + Western room 22 square meters(2 rooms)
    ◆Triple Room(2 roomContinue reading
  • Is the bath in the room a hot spring?

    Only the open-air bath in the "guest room with open-air bath" is a hot spring.
    The baths in other guest rooms are ordinary hot water.
    For hoContinue reading
  • Locking time for entrance doors and doorways

    The front entrance and doorway will be locked at 24:00 to enhance security in the middle of the night.
    Please contact the front desk when yoContinue reading
  • About non-smoking rooms and smoking rooms

    ◎ Notice for non-smoking of all rooms for customers who use after April 1, 2020 ◎
    All rooms, dining venues and banquet halls are non-smokingContinue reading
  • About amenities and yukata

    The following are prepared in the room.
    Yukata, Toothbrush, Comb, Shower Cap, Face Towel, Bath Towel, Rinse In Shampoo, Body Soap, SlippersContinue reading
  • About air conditioning facilities

    There is air conditioning in this facility, but air conditioning of each guest room is dial type and can adjust only strength.
    Since switchContinue reading
  • About dinner venue

    The meal venue will vary depending on the day. For more details, we will inform you when you visit on the day.
    However, if you have a seat Continue reading
  • What time can I dine? Should I specify the time?

    Dinner time will be asked upon check-in.
    For groups of 10 or more, please specify the time in advance.

    【Opening Hours】From 17:30 to 20:30Continue reading
  • Can I eat in the room?

    Unfortunately, room meals are not supported.
    All customers are guided to the venue of the restaurant.
  • When can I eat Japanese Spiny Lobster Cuisine?

    Japanese Spiny Lobster Fishing the ban on Japanese Spiny Lobster Fishing for Japanese Spiny Lobster Fishing is September 1st, it is a guide Continue reading
  • Can I bring a drink with me?

    In principle, we do not allow drinks to be brought to the dining venue.
    Only shochu can be brought in for a fee.
    As a carry-on fee, 900 mlContinue reading
  • Is there an all-you-can-drink course?

    We have two all-you-can-drink courseAll times are 120 minutes.
    Please inform us in advance if you place an order.
    The all-you-can-drink coContinue reading
  • May I bring in food?

    We are very sorry, but we do not allow you to bring it to the dining venue.
    Please bring meals in your room when you bring your own.
  • Can I bring in a cake for the celebration?

    Yes, cakes can be brought to the dining venue.
    Please keep it refrigerated and hand it to the front desk.
    If you have a surprise cake, pleContinue reading
  • How will breakfast be? From what time?

    Basically, it is available in buffet format.
    However, it may be changed to a Japanese set meal depending on the accommodation situation on tContinue reading
  • Can I prepare a snack because I can't have breakfast?

    Taking food out of the building is prohibited under the guidance of the public health center.
    As a result, we cannot prepare snacks.
    PleasContinue reading
  • Can I take my meal home with me?

    Taking food out of the building is prohibited under the guidance of the public health center.
    Please understand that I am sorry.
  • About the public bath

    There is one public bath for each male and female.
    From the veranda you can see the sea and enjoy the Pacific Ocean in front of you.
    It isContinue reading
  • About private outdoor bath

    In addition to the large communal bath, we have a private open-air bath (family bath).
    An open-air bath where you can relax and enjoy the viContinue reading
  • About spring quality and effect

    《Hot Spring Qualities》Sodium-bicarbonate・Chloride hot spring

    《Indication》Fatigue recovery, health promotion, tingling, burns, chronic skin Continue reading
  • Can I take a bath even if I have a tattoo or tattoo?

    Unfortunately, those with tattoos and tattoos are not allowed to take a bath.
    In addition, gangsters and antisocial forces are strictly prohContinue reading
  • Banquet hall for group customers

    Customers of groups of 15 or more will be guided to the banquet hall.
    Karaoke is available at the banquet hall. (Pay:6,600 yen tax includedContinue reading
  • About the conference room

    We support workshops and conferences.
    The capacity varies depending on the layout.
    Charges vary depending on usage hours.
    Please call forContinue reading
  • Can it be used on a wheelchair?

    This facility is basically barrier-free.
    Wheelchairs can be rented for free.
    Chair seats are basically prepared at the dining venue, but iContinue reading
  • Can I use Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is available free of charge.
    Select "GUEST (5G)" or "GUEST (2.4G)" on the Wi-Fi setting screen on your smartphone / PC screen.
    *PleasContinue reading
  • Is there an electric vehicle charging station?

    There are two charging stations.
    Please ask the front desk on the day for the price and time.
  • Can I keep my luggage in advance?

    Even before check-in, you can leave your luggage at the front desk.
    In addition, if you send your luggage by the previous day, you can sendContinue reading
  • Is there a coin laundry in the facility?

    We do not have a laundromat.
    There is a coin laundry about 5 minutes by car (7-Eleven), so please use that.
  • How to get to the hotel

    Aoshima Station・・5 minutes by car (Free pick-up for hotel guests)

    Aoshima Bus Stop・・5 minutes by car (Free pick-up for hotel guestContinue reading


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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