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Current Status of GoTo Travel Campaign(December 18, 2020)

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    Please understand that the following items are subject to change as there are still many uncertainties.

★If you make a reservation on the Official website or by phone

  • Please apply for points on the "STAY NAVI" site by yourself.
    Please issue discount coupons on this site.
    It is the GoTo campaign price from the reserved room price.

    *Those who have not issued a coupon are not eligible for the discount.
    *Accommodations from the Japan Tourism Agency for the time being from 3/8 are not eligible.
     For details, please see the GoTo Travel Secretariat page.
  • *Basically, we do not issue coupons on behalf of customers who make a reservation by phone.
     We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.
  • ●Check-in day
     Please be sure to present your "coupon number" at the front desk on the day.
     Please note that if you forget your coupon number, you will not receive the discount.
     Please print the coupon details or show your smartphone screen (screenshots available).
    ●Change/Cancel reservation
     Cancel the original amount of coupon and get the coupon again with the changed price.
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(2) When you make a pre-payment by making a reservation through each travel agency or online reservation site

  • *It must be a travel agency/online reservation site that meets the GoTo Travel participation criteria.
    → Please contact the travel agency or online reservation site you applied for.