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  • Whole year kaiseki cuisine

    Taste the season of Aoshima Miyazaki
    Pacific Ocean variety of multi-course meals and multi-course meals using seafood and mountain products are available for each season in Aoshima, surrounded by the nature of the Pacific Ocean and mountains.
    Please enjoy carefully selected fresh ingredients and the breath of nature.
  • Miyazaki Brand Kaiseki Cuisine

    Miyazaki Beef is the third straight champion in Japan!
    Received the highest award, “Prime Minister's Award” for three consecutive times at the “Zenkoku Wagyu Noryoku Kyoshin-kai” held once every five years!

    Enjoy kaiseki cuisine using Miyazaki Beef and Miyazaki Jitokko Chicken!
    • Miyazaki Brand Kaiseki Cuisine ~ Miyazaki Beef course ~
      Popular №1 Miyazaki Beef Kaiseki has been renewed★
      <Changed from 2020.04.01>

      aperitif/small bowl/Appetizer/Sashimi/Miyazaki Beef Shabu-shabu/Miyazaki Beef red wine stew/Savory egg custard/White fish carpaccio/Cooked rice/Bowl/Sweets
      6,900 yen (Tax excluded)
    • Miyazaki brand multi-course meals - Miyazaki Jitokko Chicken course -
      Popular # 2 "Local Cuisine Kaiseki" has been renewed!
      <Changed from 2020.04.01>
      Cooked rice + miso soup can be changed to "Hiyajiru".
      *Hiyajiru?Miyazaki's local cuisine.An image of cold miso soup on hot rice.

      aperitif/small bowl/Appetizer/Sashimi/Miyazaki Jitokko Chicken Mizutaki (hot pot)/White fish with white sauce/Savory egg custard/White fish carpaccio/Cooked rice/Bowl/Sweets
      4,900 yen (Tax excluded)
  • Limited Season

    ▼~Spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster / snow crab kaiseki cuisine~
     We have prepared hot dishes using spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster and snow crab.
     "Period" From December 1, 2020 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2020 (Wednesday)
    • Japanese Spiny Lobster and snow crab hotpot Kaiseki cuisine
      Ise lobster and snow crab yosenabe are recommended in the cold winter★

      Aperitif / small bowl / appetizer / sashimi / Ise of shrimp and crab Yosenabe / Nichinan Lava Stone-grilled Chicken / Ise shrimp and white fish in white sauce / porridge / Mizugashi

      *Japanese Spiny Lobster Otsukuri (sashimi) is not included*
      6,000 yen(Tax excluded)
    • Japanese Spiny Lobster, snow crab and Miyazaki Beef Lean Steak Kaiseki Meal
      A gorgeous combination with Miyazaki Beef in addition to spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster and snow crab★

      aperitif/small bowl/Appetizer/sashimi/Miyazaki Beef Lean Steak/Japanese Spiny Lobster golden roast/Snow crab crab vinegar/Steamed food/Green onion trojan bowl/Ise lobster miso soup/fruit

      *Japanese Spiny Lobster Otsukuri (sashimi) is not included*
      8,000 yen(Tax excluded)
    • Seafood steamed steamed rice and Miyazaki Beef loin steak
      Recommended combination of steamed steamer such as spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster and snow crab and Miyazaki Beef loin steak★

      Aperitif / small bowl / appetizer / earthenware teapot steamed / sashimi / seafood basket used for steaming food steamed Japanese Spiny Lobster, such as Japanese Spiny Lobster, Snow crab, scallops) / Miyazaki Beef steak / lobster golden grilled / green onions Toroikura bowl / lobster miso soup / Petit Suites

      *Japanese Spiny Lobster Otsukuri (sashimi) is not included*
      10,000 yen(Tax excluded)
  • Bespoke

    *Only when ordering multi-course meals.
    We offer the happiness of Miyazaki recommended by the chief chef.
    Please enjoy carefully selected natural materials.
    *Depending on the purchase status, it may not be available.
    • Bespoke【Orderable on the day】*Only when ordering multi-course meals.
      The above single item menu can be ordered on the day.

      Reservation is also possible if decided in advance.
      Although it is listed for one person, you can order for multiple people.
      Please understand that we may not be able to accept orders on the day depending on the purchase status.

      *Miyazaki Beef Shabu-shabu - Miyazaki Beef Shabu-shabu and Miyazaki Beef Yoganseki-yaki (grilled on a lava stone)
      During the year-end and New Year period (12/27 to 1/4), orders will be closed by December 20th.
    • Bespoke【Advance reservation required】*Only when ordering multi-course meals.
      Please apply for the above single item menu 5 days before use.

      Fugu sashimi does not accept odd numbers.
      *Ex) Thank you for your understanding.
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