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  • Miyazaki, Southern

    The prefectural south area is a rich place full of ancient romance and history, in front of the southern country surrounded by the blue sea.
    • 5 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】Aoshima

      Aoshima on the south coast is an island with a circumference of 1.5km and is connected by a bridge and land. Surrounded by wavy rocks, this is called the “Oni-no-sentaku-ita” and is designated as a national Natural Treasure.

      There are many subtropical plants (27 species) in the island, including the bellow tree (more than 3000) that is over 300 years old,
      This is also designated as a national Special Natural Monument.
      Aoshima Shrine the center of the island is known for the legends of Yamasachihiko Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko, and is famous as a matchmaking trap.
      There are souvenir shops in the vicinity.
    • 5 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】Aoshima Shrine

      It is a shrine in Aoshima and is known as a matchmaking shrine.
      Hyuga Shichifukujin is one of the Hyuga Shichifukujin and has a beautiful Benten statue holding a spear. (You can see it in advance)
      Sacred god/Hikohohodemi-no-mikoto(Yamasachihiko), Toyotamahime(Toyotamahime, Yamasachihiko's wife, Wadatsumi daughter), Shiotsuchi no Okina. (Shiotsuchi no Okina)

      The date of the shrine's establishment is not clear, but it is noted in the Kokushi Junshiki Saga-Tenno-no-gyo-agamematsuru-aoshima-daimyojin the Kokushi Junshiki"Hyuga Souvenir" that it Emperor Saga’s Gyo-Agamematsuru-Aoshima-Daimyojin"Emperor Saga’s Gyo-Agamematsuru-Aoshima-Daimyojin Saga-Tenno-no-gyo-agamematsuru-aoshima-daimyojin." It is believed to have been worshiped before the 820s.
      In the old days, the entire island was a sanctuary, and until the Edo period, general entrance was not allowed.
      General island entry was allowed from March 16 to the end of March in the lunar calendar, and other territories were prohibited from visiting the island.
      Then Gembun years (1737) of the other territory people May 23, worship is allowed, the whole country of believers now gathered.
    • About 10 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】KODOMO NO KUNI

      East leads to Aoshima Coast overlooking the Aoshima, natural hills and valleys gregarious 750 or 130,005 thousand of subtropical plants, was created by taking advantage of the terrain of the river.
      In the Rose Garden, Camellia Garden, and Ruby Garden, there are flower beds where you can enjoy various flowers according to the season, children's playground equipment, and boats that enjoy river play.

      The main venue for Miyazaki Flower Festa.
      (March to May every year. (Special rate during Flower Festa period)
    • About 10 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】Horikiri Pass

      The only magnificent view of the Nichinan Beach, such as the Pacific Ocean spreading underneath, the wavy rocks that follow the coastline, and the Phoenix row of trees, can be seen.
      With the honeymoon boom of the Showa 40s, Aoshima, Nichinan Beach, and Horikiri Pass became major tourist destinations.
      At that time, the facility that was familiar as the Phoenix Drive-in is now the roadside station. (From April 16, 2005)
      When you get off the promenade along the sea, you can go to the beach where the Oni-no-sentaku-ita continues.

      <Road Station Phoenix>
      A resting spot on the Nichinan Beach Drive. Throughout the four seasons, beautiful flowers bloom and the tropical atmosphere is full.
      The first floor sells local specialty products, asitaba, shrimp, and soft ice cream using mango.
      The second floor is a restaurant and the third floor is an observation floor.
    • About 20 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】Miyazaki Prefectural Comprehensive Sports Park

      It is a general athletic park dotted with various sports facilities on a vast site. 581,000 square meters of pine forest and of, about 250 species 350,000 pieces of flowers and trees have been planted in the park, rose garden, such as the camellia gardens large and small flower beds, a large Japanese garden Hyuga Keishuen Park that mimics the nature of Miyazaki, children There are open spaces with playground equipment, and you can enjoy a walk in the park.
      Yomiuri Giants Team' spring / autumn camp venue.
      As one of the 80th anniversary commemorative projects of Oki Prefecture, it was constructed as a comprehensive physical education facility with modern facilities. As a central facility of “Sports Land Miyazaki” promoted by the prefecture, it is also used for camping such as professional sports organizations and nationwide competitions.
    • About 40 minutes by car from the hotel, Emperor Jimmu is the god of ritual, and the father Ugayafuki Aezu-no-mikoto is on the left side of the shrine, and the mother Tamayorihime is on the right side.

      【Miyazaki City】Miyazaki Jingu Shrine

      It is a neat and clean shrine built with Sano Sano Cedar.Former Kanpei Taisha Shrine (government-supported shrine).
      Toshinen Miyazaki Jingu Shrine, there is “Oshirafuji” (Natural Treasure), which is estimated to be over 400 years old.
      At the northern end of Jingu no Mori, there is a Prefectural Museum, a Archaeological Center, and a private house where the old private houses in the prefecture are relocated and preserved.

      Emperor Sujin of your character, there your erecting the palace, then hit the Emperor Keiko’s Kumaso Expedition, there Gokenmiya, further your character Hinata Kuni no miyatsuko Rootoko鎮際this of Emperor Ojin, posterity Emperor Gotoba and erecting a substitute Kenkyu years (1197) the estate steward Tsuchimochi Clan’s Shrine Pavilion, is renovated erecting in Shoho first year (1644) Bunka years (1813) Tempo years (1839).

      Renamed Miyazaki Shrine May 1873 (Meiji 6).
      It was changed to Miyazaki-gu Shrine November 1878 (Meiji 11), Kanpei Taisha Shrine (government-supported shrine) was promoted to Kanpei Taisha Shrine (government-supported shrine) on April 24, 1885 (Meiji 18).
      Miyazaki Jingu Shrine changed to Miyazaki Jingu Shrine on July 4, 1913
    • About 45 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】Miyazaki City Ikimenomori Sports Park

      It is an athletic park with a baseball field (total area 33,946 square meters), an indoor multipurpose athletic field (total area 6,777 square meters), a multipurpose ground, an athletic field (type 3 officially recognized stadium), and a tennis court.
      baseball Ground(Ivy Stadium, Second baseball field), Hampi Dome, Multipurpose ground A, B, Athletic field(400m track), gymnasium, Tennis court
      Softbank HAWKS spring and fall camp venue.
    • About 40 minutes by car from the hotel, Heiwadai Park is located on a hill at an altitude of 60 meters. Peace Tower overlooking the Downtown Miyazaki City of Downtown Miyazaki City Haniwa Garden full of ancient moods, a promenade that makes use of natural forests and hills and hills, and an athletic plaza are available.

      【Miyazaki City】Heiwadai Park

      In 1939, there was Peace Tower (37m high) that began as a commemorative project for the 2600th year of the Koki Period and was completed on November 15, 1950. The base area is 1023 square meters.
      The design is Jitsuzo Hinago and the construction cost is 670,000 yen. In August 1965, it became Hibiya Park and sister park in Tokyo, and pigeons were given from the park.
      <Haniwa Garden>
      Located in the forest on the north side of the Peace Tower, the area is 9,000 square meters. About 400 replicas such as Minowa and Earthenware excavated from all over Japan are placed on the embankment shaped like a burial mound, creating an ancient mood.
      At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Heiwadai Park was the starting point of the second course of domestic torch relay, and there was a torch bed used at that time.
    • About 50 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Miyazaki City】Darumizu Park

      You can enjoy the view from the garden on the hill. There are about 3,500 cherry blossoms, and about 2 kilometers of cherry blossom trees are commonly known as: Cherry Road is called Cherry Road.
      The cherry blossoms are Yoshino cherry, Yamazakura, and double cherry blossoms, and the cherry blossom festival is held from late March to early April every year. Light up during the festival.
    • 30 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Nichinan City】Sunmesse Nichinan

      “Sunmesse Nichinan” is located on a small hill on the Nichinan Beach. Here is a Moai Statues that has been raised as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
      The scenery of the seven Moai Statues Easter Island, which has been completely reprinted, up to a height of 5.5m, is in harmony with the blue sea.
      It is said that if you touch the second Moai Statues from the right, you will get money luck, and the third from the left will raise your romance.
    • 40 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Nichinan City】Udo Jingu Shrine

      The most famous shrine in the southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, with the name of Udo-san.
      Pacific Ocean the cave at the tip of Cape Udozaki that protrudes to the Pacific Ocean, it is unusual that a colorful painted main shrine is painted in red.
      Around the cape are strangely shaped rocks and monster reefs, and the Pacific Ocean rushes into a beautiful scenic spot.
      In addition, it is said that if a man throws a ball with a left hand and a woman with a right hand, and a woman puts it in the shape of a rock called Kameishi, his wish will come true.

      Try to fortune your luck once.
    • 1 hour by car from our hotel

      【Nichinan City】Otemon Gate

      Wooden gates in the Edo period, with a heavy construction of wooden trowels and main roofing tiles.

      Otemon Gate is the first building that people visiting Obi Castle see. This Otemon Gate was reconstructed in July 1978, using four 100-year-old Obi cedars.
    • 1 hour by car from our hotel

      【Nichinan City】Obi Castle Town

      Obi is where flourished as a castle town of Tensho years (1588) the early Meiji period up to 280 years Obi Clan Ito 50,001 Sengoku from. Buke Yashiki (Samurai residence) gate, symbolizing the Buke Yashiki (Samurai residence), the stone walls and the plaster walls remain, and in 1977 it was selected as a Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings for Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings.

      Centered on Otemon Gate, which was restored in Hanko Shintokudo, there is the Matsuo no Maru, Hanko Shintokudo, and the Hanko Shintokudo Obi Castle History Museum where valuable materials describing the history of the Ito Clan are on display. In addition, you can enjoy the streets reminiscent of the Edo era, such as a Merchant Town Street with Merchant Town Street houses with barrels at the storefront, merchant houses with lattice lanterns and umbrellas, and a clear stream of the horiwari flowing through the town.
    • About 1 hour 40 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Nichinan City】Road station, Sakata

      National Route 222 heading for National Route 222 Nichinan City to Miyakonojo City, Lake Nichinan Dam surrounded by beautiful Obi cedar appears, and the thatched roof that stands out is “Driving Rest Space Sakatani”.
    • 1 hour 30 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Kushima City】Kojima Island

      About 100 monkeys live on an uninhabited island in Kushima City, located in the southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture.
      The monkeys here have the unusual habit of washing and eating sweet potatoes with sea water.
      You can also use a ferry to cross the island and see the crystal clear blue sea.
    • 2 hours by car from our hotel

      【Kushima City】Cape Toi

      Misakiuma is also said to be a Misakiuma horse and is home to wild horses.
      It was designated as a national Natural Treasure as a Japanese native horse.
      A superb view point overlooking the vast nature and ocean.
    • About 1 hour 45 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Ebino City】Ebino Plateau

      Ebino City Ebino Plateau spreading south of Ebino City. Located in the northern part of Kirishima Yaku National Park National Park, designated as Japan's first national park at an altitude of 1200m, it is one of the premier tourist areas in the prefecture, also known as a rich natural treasure. Volcanic lakes such as Fudo Pond, Rokkannon-miike Pond, and Byakushi Pond are scattered within the plateau where the mountains of various sizes, including Mt Karakuni and Mt Koshikidake From spring to early summer, you can see Natural Treasure as Nokaidou, a Natural Treasure only grows all over the world, and Miyazaki Kirishima, which is representative of Kirishima, followed by Oyama Renge, summer camellia, etc. Can be enjoyed through.
  • Northern Miyazaki

    The prefecture north area is also a spiritual spot centered around Echi Takachiho and a treasure trove of myths, a mysterious place where you can feel the existence of gods.
    • 1 hour by car from our hotel

      【West city】Saitobaru Burial Mounds

      The Saitobaru Burial Mounds mounds have about 300 old Saitobaru Burial Mounds.
      In the vast nature, there are various facilities such as the Archaeological Museum and the Ancient Life Experience Hall.
      In spring, rape blossoms and cherry blossoms center around the mausoleum, and in summer the sunflower fields spread out.
      In addition, about 3 million cosmos are in full Saitobaru Burial Mounds in conjunction with the “Tumulus Festival” held on the first Saturday and Sunday of November every year.
    • About 2 hours by car from our hotel

      【Hyuga City】Sea of Cruz

      Because columnar rocks split into ten characters by erosion of waves, "cruz" means "cross" in Portuguese
      It is called “Sea of Cruz”.
      In addition, there is a small rocky area outside the rock that has been cracked into a cross, and when combined, it looks like the word “Kano”
      It is said that if you pray here, your wish will come true.
      In order to entrust the visitor's wishes to the heavens, a “Bell of Cruz” was set up, and the two overlapping curves compensated for each other's lack and weaknesses.
      The shape of caring for the other person, and the narrowing toward the top, means that the wish is toward heaven.
    • 2 hours 50 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Takachiho Town】Takachiho Gorge

      Takachiho Gorge is a valley where the pyroclastic flow erupted from Aso Volcano activity in the past flows out into a band along the Gokase River and is cooled rapidly, resulting in a splendid cliff with columnar joints.
      This Takachiho Gorge is designated as a Natural Treasure on November 10, 1934 (Showa 9).
      (Takachiho Tourist Association)
    • 2 hours 50 minutes by car from our hotel

      【Takachiho Town】Amano Yasugawara

      About a 10-minute walk along from Amanoiwato Jinja Nishi Hongu Shrine Iwato River, Amaterasu Omikami has become your hidden Iwato, God this Kawahara of Yaoyorozu will be heaven and earth darkness A cave that is said to have been gathered and debated.
      It is also called “Gyobogaiwaya”. In the past, there was only a company, and it was the object of faith.
      Innumerable piles of stone now add to the mysterious and fantastic atmosphere of Amano Yasugawara.