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To our guests

Welcome to Aoshima Cinqmale

For customers who are planning to stay at Cinqmale or are considering traveling to Miyazaki.
We have summarized accommodation information to help you with your trip.Please use this as a reference.
  • To our guests

      • basic information
        Check-in from 15:00
        Check out ~10:00

        No smoking allowed inside the building(All guest rooms and dining halls have smoking areas)
        Free Wi-Fi available
        Wheelchair rental available(3 units)
        Free Parking

        20 minutes by car from Downtown Miyazaki City / Miyazaki Airport
      • Reservation method
        Reservations can be made by phone, internet, or through a travel agency.(Available from about 6 months in advance)
        Reservations can be made by phone or on the Official website. "Lowest price guaranteed"
        We recommend the Official website.It also comes with a shop ticket!

        ■Tel:1,000 yen discount per adult
        ■Official website:Listed at a discounted price of 1,000 yen per adult + 500 yen worth of shop coupons as a gift
        (Both discounts apply if dinner and breakfast are included.)

      • About the room
        We have several room types available to suit your preference.
        ■Most Popular"Special room with open-air bath"
        ■``Japanese-style room 18 square meters'' and ``Triple room'' have a wonderful view of the sea.
        ■For customers who require a bed"Japanese twin bed room"
        ■"Mountain side twin room" can keep the price down because you can't see the sea.

        Unfortunately, futon laying is a self-service service and guests are asked to do it themselves.
      • About amenities
        【Rooms】Face towel, bath towel, body soap, conditioner-in shampoo
        【Lobby】Yukata corner
        【Front desk】Razor, toothbrush, shower cap, comb(Installed at the front desk as shown in the image on the left.)
        【Large Communal Bath】Lotion, emulsion, makeup remover, body soap, shampoo, treatment
      • About dinner
        Advance reservations are required for dinner.Please make a reservation by noon the day before.
        However, please understand that registration will close once the seats are filled.

        ■Business hours: 17:30 to 20:30
        ■Last meal starts at 19:00
        (If your reservation includes dinner, please arrive by 18:45)
        ■Meal venue The venue varies depending on the reservation status on the day.
        (Please understand that you cannot specify the venue.)
      • About breakfast
        It's basically a buffet style.(Depending on the reservation status of customers on the day, we may offer a "Japanese set meal" instead of a buffet.In that case, we will inform you at check-in on the day.)
        ■Business hours 7:00 to 9:00
        ■Meal venue free seating(First come, first served)

        *Due to hygiene guidance from the public health center, we are unable to provide light meals (take-out).Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate early check-outs, so please understand.
      • About hot springs
        Aoshima Cinqmale's large public bath and private open-air bath are natural hot springs (heated).
        Please heal your daily fatigue.

        ■Large public bath until 23:00 / from 6:00 in the morning(There is no open-air bath in the public bath.)
        Sauna available until 23:00 / No breakfast

        ■Private open-air bath (separate) Reservation required at check-in
        From 15:30 to 23:15/Morning 7:00 to 9:00
        1,100 yen/45 minutes
        *Official website reservation:plan include free private open-air baths
      • Guidance
        ■The entire building and all rooms are non-smoking.(Smoking areas are on the 1st and 3rd floors.)
        ■You may use your yukata and slippers in all areas of this facility.
        ■The entrance is locked at night.(midnight)
        ■Payment processing hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
         If you wish to check out early in the morning, please contact the front desk.
        ■Please hand your key to the front desk when you leave.
      • What are cancellation rules?
        Cancellation policies vary depending on the number of guests.
        ■Up to 14 people:30% to 2 days before, 50% the day before, 100% on the day
        ■From 15 to 30 people:30% from 5th to 2 days before, 50% the day before, 100% on the day
        ■From 31 to 100 people:10% from 14th to 8th day before, 20% from 7th to 6th day before, 30% from 5th to 2nd day before, 50% the day before, 100% on the day
        ■101 or more people:10% from 30th to 15th day before, 15% from 14th to 8th day before, 30% from 7th to 5th day before, 50% from 4th to 2nd day before, 50% the day before, 100% on the day
      • For customers who have made a reservation with “dinner included”
        ■Time 17:30 to 20:30
        (Please arrive by 18:45 as the last meal starts at 19:00.)
        ■Meal venue The venue varies depending on the reservation status on the day.
         ・The photo is an example of the venue.
         ・basically chair table seats(There are 2 seats in the horigotatsu)
         ・There are tatami seats and wooden floor seats.
         ・If you use a wheelchair, please let us know in advance.
        *Please understand that you cannot specify the venue.*

      • For customers who have made a reservation without dinner
        There is no restaurant in this facility where you can eat on the day.
        Nearby restaurants (Aoshima) are approximately 7 minutes by car.(No restaurants or convenience stores within walking distance)
        Please understand that we cannot provide transportation.

        Dinner is a Kaiseki meal only (advance reservation required).
        ○deadline:12:00 the day before, blowfish dishes 3 days ago
        ○Seating in the dinner venue is limited, and on busy days it may fill up even several weeks in advance.
         Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to have dinner.
      • Various information, campaign information, etc.
        This page summarizes campaign information, etc.
        Please refer.
      • For customers using public transportation
        The hotel is located at the tip of the cape.
        We apologize for the inconvenience in terms of transportation as it is far from the bus stop and station (about 7 minutes by car).
        Therefore, we offer transportation to and from Aoshima area exclusively for guests staying at our hotel.

        ■For guests only
        Free shuttle service to JR Nichinan Line"Aoshima Station" and Miyazaki Kotsu"Aoshima Bus Stop"
        You can hop on and off at souvenir shops, etc. around Aoshima.
        No advance reservation required,Can be contacted on the day
        Pick-up and drop-off time: 8:30 to 18:30(Please make a request by phone/Cannot be contacted by email)
      • For customers arriving by chartered bus
        In order to secure a parking space, please inform the hotel of the following information in advance.
        ① Size of the bus(Small/medium/large)
        ②Number of buses
        ③Arrival time
        ④Next morning departure time
      • For customers using in groups(15 or more people)
        In order to ensure a smooth stay at the hotel, there are some items we would like to ask you about in advance.

        ■If everyone arrives at the same time
        ①Arrival time
        ②Name of representative
        ③Dinner time
        ④Next morning departure time

        ■If each person arrives separately by public transportation or private car
        ① Name of representative
        ②Dinner time
        ③How to visit the museum
        ④If you have a list of each room, please send it in advance.
        (If you know who to direct to which room, the front desk can help.)
      • For customers with food allergies
        Please be sure to contact us at least 3 days in advance.
        For your safety, please be sure to contact your doctor if you have severe or multi-item allergy symptoms.
        Ingredient allergens such as wheat and soybeans may also be included in seasonings, so we may not be able to accommodate all of them.
        Please also note that all food is prepared in the same kitchen, so there is a possibility of contamination.
      • *What is contamination?*
        For example, contamination is when unintended substances, such as traces of ingredients left on cooking utensils or tableware, are mixed in.
        Even when cooking without using ingredients that cause allergies, contamination may occur unavoidably during the cooking process.
        We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that due to the constraints of our business as a hotel, it is difficult to fully meet your requests.
    • Contact information

      Reservation/Front Desk 0985-55-4390
      Business hours
      Telephone reception 8:30 to 19:00